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second case of toxirmia of pregnancy; the difierence in girth two days

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often in a state of inflammation, and occasionally of ulceration.

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cornea and iris with my own, in neither of which is

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from the portions of the left lung when forced under the surface of

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Upon the Part Played by Mosquitos in the Propagation of

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President: Sink, C. S., N. Wilkesboro; N. C. Med. Coll., 1912 1912 1913

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duty. On Sunday the 13th the churches which have generally

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tubal nephritis. Nor is this a matter for surprise when we bear

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any degree of cerebral depression — from mild sedation

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378. JumllO Pickles — Ingredients — Cabbage, salt, onions, pepper

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platinum -spiral is then exposed. As soon as the lamp is

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of the four cases of Schnitzler or Solis Cohen was there an autopsy made. It is

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ductive within the one-year funding period, and which

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and affections of the meninges and of the cranial nerves,

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public and we are merely their custodians. Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to

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June 15th and 16th, Dr. T. J. W. Pray, of Dover, presiding. It was decided

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tics to be ruptured in labour, "yet he could easily conceive, that

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the emigration of the parasites from the alimentary canal. The carbolic acid

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of the older literature concerning the variation in the results as to

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Pernicious Anaemia ; Report of a Case. — G. R. Trowbridge

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At its bottom he found some coagula, and could feel a slight

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much this is the case. So long as this is understood to mean only

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comfortable a position as possible, towards the edge of the bed on which the

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bruit heard. Left " patellar-tendon" reflex was still increased, although

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satory lateral curvature " in cases of chronic pleuritic disease, is beauti-

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purity and wholesomeness where such desirable qualities have

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tional Health, Connecticut Department of Public Health; H. Hansen,

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negative the theory that the phoses are due to blood-cor-

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sure over the soles of both feet. There was no ten-