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tion takes place, less blood reaches the tissues, which then suffer in their
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D Kranular d<''bris between the layers of elastica (Leitz Oc. I, Obj. 5.)
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or relegated to an elective and left to the post-M.D. years when it would
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Dentition, in Typhoid Fever, and in those affections peculiar to
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Then one of the doctors employed by these people was called in
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contrast clearer — wall-thickness of infundibular portion of
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myxoedema, multiple neuritis, general pathology of fever,
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peace, we can but commend the soldier as he marches up fearlessly
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and lymph. It distinctly increases the respiratory effort, causes the
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At first I diagnosed the disease as an attack of indigestion, with putre-
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from this element. The immediate cause of death in many cases of disease
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tricts approaching the sea-level, namely, the shores of the Chesapeake
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tically impossible in the majority of our patients'
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jective Sensations of Sight and Sound, Abiotrophy and other
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of the walls examined carefully. This is important because certain
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fevers they were looking for an engorgement in the brain, without re-
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easier if the surgeon cuts through the lower part of the septum. By such a
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February 5, 1877, for constipation, sickness and violent ab-
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f the o[)})osition to the use of boracic preparations for such purposes
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after immersion, that is commonly apprehended. The fittest time,
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the soft parts were brought together. In addition to all
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the slight jaundice which occurs during pneumonia is dependent
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These two cases occurred during the last autumn, while cholera
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«K(lItorlal in tl:e Medicnl Uorord, New York, April 'i, 1009, p. 508.
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formed most speedily, safely, and with the greatest degree
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It is very satisfactory to meet with a professed total abstainer, who is
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I shall make no further allusion to this strange asser-
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abnormalities, and she fell into a gentle toxic delirium and passed
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usually induce tolerance of it, so that even the stomach may be washed out
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•Fowler, R. S., Esq., of Bath, to Elizabeth Burgess, eldest daughter