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lasting or finally curative. But, nevertheless, the operation has mani-

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Waterproofing Compounds. For Boots, &c. 1. (Roome's

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washing the injury with solutions of carbolic acid, bichloride of

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Reconstruction of another stomach. 36 hours. ^Macruified

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1. Ultra Vires: Literally, “beyond powers,” said of

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action (the difference is very obvious), but may, I think,

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and demonstrates the different parts in their connexion without

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FIG. 177. Various forms of triple phosphates. (Finlayson.)

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of time, for in the year 140'.) special directions are given by the King,

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OerebeUum; Quarterly Journal of Psychological Medicine, New York, 1869, vol. iii, p. 223,) also

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Report of Committee on Medical Examinations and Medical

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provement takes place with the ordinary drainage tube. (5) The

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spread of that disease in the United States. The Collector

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under other circumstances, the system comes rapidly under the

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sation with Dr. John P. Reynolds upon Duverney's glands, and similar occurrences in

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death became comatose, and had rigidity of the post-cervical

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in th:i by-biws and ordinances concerning the consid-

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the other influencing and modifying increase of blood pressure.

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allusion. Of purgatives we can aver, as has been admitted in

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since then moderate bleeding has occurred frequently.

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Wchnscbr. f. d. ges. Heilk., Berl., 1834, iii, 513-515.—

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hausted by the following list : thymol, menthol, aristol,

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Neuritis, Paralysis, Locomotor Ataxia, Poor Circulation.

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against those being broke alive on the wheel. And hark ! that's the softly

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vomiting; a feeling of fulness and weight amounting to positive distress

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where they were secured to the steel, was but a little

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failure, and ought not to operate on patients with advanced

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matrimony as in everything else, and the process of natural selec-

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diaphragm. 3. When a 'rib is fractured and the broken end pen-

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" This is no time for young bacteriologists to come to

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the hands of Providence," etc.; "La conduito du peuple

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and died. The autopsy revealed the tumor present* d

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desired result. In these cases the douches always render the

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not yet found an instance in which there was any reluctance to discon-