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and Wolf hugel in the following passage : (1) Sporeless bacteria are destroyed
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demonstration of the wide-spreading and little-dreamed-of
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collateral sciences, should be discouraged, and the time may
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1. Address of Chairman. John N. Mackenzie, Baltimore, Md.
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tinuing the investigation of this disease, Castellani described his findings,
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the diagnosis could be made in pulmonary syphilis, by
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and weakness of the heart from fatty dcgenci-ation or innutrition, are the con-
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from privy emanations in ill-ventilated houses, and quotes
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14. Watson: The Pathology and Morbid Histology of Juvenile Paralysis, Arch.
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potash added, which remained on the specimens for a number of days. In
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ination of wine with lead. The attacks are often acute, are even seen
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completion of one year's study, in a recognised college or scientific school, of physics, chemistry, biology and French «
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and their observation has been repeatedly verified. However, in a
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and a profitable lesson however ; for he learns the great secret
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Sepia is one of the most valuable remedies in the treatment of severe
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newly-born and their treatiiu-iit. Iiiternat. M. Mag., N.Y..
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If you'd like to know exactly how much protection you need,
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be entitled to all the privileges of membership in this Society during the
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already participated in the carcinomatous process. On the other hand, it is easy
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* American Gynecological Association, Philadelphia, September, 1883; Medical
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tism or infection of some kind. Tliere is no nephritis nor symptoms
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baldness. Pupils in boarding-schools, soldiers in barracks,
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perhaps not, and all applicants are warned off in ad-
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arthritis or deforming arthritis was a very distressing form of the
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common ; much less so, according to the information of those who had