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9. Sollier, P. and Delageniere, H. : “Le centre cortical des
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frequently entirely ignored. The mucous membrane of
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tion of a portion of gas, both by the bladder (for we pre-
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hemoglobin-free broth, has been found to furnish the accessory
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fully treated of in the text-books. This edition is an
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member still present. Hemorrhage may or may not complicate the
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certain length of time, somewhat precipitately gives way in
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order of their minimum importance, as they occur to
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U. S. Army, now on duty in the Philippines, has been ordered
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six inches long and five inches broad ; its walls were half-an-inch
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lasts from October 15th to March 15th, and the summer
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transferability of the amino-acid radicle of the com-
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cases (i.e., 6.2 per cent.) a f)ortion of the chorion
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coughed up immediately after the tube was removed. Occasionally
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roundish, and greenish-black scybala which are passed with the
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and when so much is at stake as the clinical teaching
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above this there may be the ring due to the urates.
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total chloride secretion was increased. Diuretics did not increase the
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nism. Our researches are expressly limited, by the object in
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powder at bedtime, or a saline purge with some carminative added, in
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