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two different nerves in the same eye are paralyzed, one of them being con-
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every instance when dispensed over our written prescription, that all
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through a variety of genetic and physiologic factors.
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support Chittenden's contention that the kidneys may suffer
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He personally preferred rest to passive motion. Jointed splints
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uteri. In two instances only, however, did the patients obtain
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cation of remittent fever. Indian Lancet, Calcutta, 1890,
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every particle of fat that may rise to the surface. The celery
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bolic waste products which result in chemical poisoning.
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Norbeck and staff, working with Sullivan and LeShane,
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In neither case is the correlation high, but the second, considered in
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high table lands where conditions are not favorable
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September 18, 1951, Magnolia. Pre-medical education,
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20, in twenty-four hours; in 5, in forty-eight hours; in 2, in seventy-two
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In a case of chancroids, again, the patient said, " The
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tonsils was given, and after a dose, which was apparently
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palpably detect. Dr Galabin says that one of the most characteristic
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since they have become so common, and I only do so as the case pre-
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how keen was the interest of its members in scientific and practical