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the Bassini operation or lastly transplanting the testicle

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cavity of the uterus by careful technique, found staphylococcus

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Baltic states from Russia, and the strict sanitary cordon

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rend Soc. d. -sc. n)6d. de Lyon (1891), 1892, xxxi, pt. 2,

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sideration. It consists of the usual kind of endogenous multiplication of

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matory oedema, I determined to make an attempt to reach the blad-

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The treatment by diaphoresis is highly to be recommended where

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ference was contra-indicated. He felt that where there was evidence of possilile

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publication. References to books should include authors, title, location and name of publisher, year of publication, edition

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finds himself unable to estimate distances, and misses his aim when

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The external appearance bore a resemblance to that of a boiled

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this legal method, no method ia aeen by which the ravages of

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On August 29, methylene blue, 0.12 gm. every four hours was given by

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IKiliidisiiie dans ses ra[iports avec la tuberculose

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and their coordinations developed that the range of physiological

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which she saw the mice, so that she might be satisfied that it was an illusion

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various forms ; it may be a deep incisura forming the typical hour-glass

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eight days. If at the end of that time no symptoms of

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the chigger is expelled, leaving a small sore which, if

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gery. — Dr. Robert P. Harris, of Philadelphia, the

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and other "filth" diseases, have no influence whatever upon such infec-

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This lesion has been studied by Dr. Francis Delafield, one of the cura-

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ambulance roared down the road with two gun-jeeps."

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The work with dichloramin-T has shown that this generalization is

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terminated in dropsy, or some other chronic affection. Most of

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Ixxxiii, 217; 260.— Aiifreelit. Znr Behandlnng des Ty-

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dered in any season ; and should the season be droughty,

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meets another for the purpose of obtaining from him

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Pathological Anatomy. — The specific organiam closely

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the class usually found here carry with them greater

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applied, and a dose of ergot was given. On the following day

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structure, and of the relations of the different parts of the system

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disease, infectious and contagious, though its main hearth of