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obtained from such horse possesses even increased antitoxic power.
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sole justification, in my opinion, for their employment, is, that prompt
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1 Scott’s Demonology, p. 24. 3 Abercrombie on the Intellectual
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straw-coloured fluid, and the pericardial fluid may also be
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of septic or putrid products. The general term septic infection or sepsis is
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1890, XV, 608-613.— Hochstelter. Ueber Harnleiter-
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though still more marked result. In order to assure themselves that
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views to him. That is my reason for asking that the discussion on this subject should be
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aU well informed medical men, whether young or old, he seized with
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seek the nurses' aid. This is not to be wondered at, when it is
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they simply posted upon the blackboard: '•'• Hodie non
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for a period of twenty-eight days. The excreta passed by these lice
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The appointment of the Anaesthetics Committee by the then Koyal
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to a man. From what I have seen, I should judge the risk
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large square each with thick lines been given. To those afl'ected with astig-
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side, and there uniting it by sutures: in three of the cases he
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4. When taken into the stomach, they are, as a rule,
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powers of resistance also, as shown by Arloing, who suc-
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The auditory sense on the paralyzed side is more acute than in health.
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and moral nature of man, Gall was compelled to renounce
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A third, and the chief, reason why physicians should
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and committees are properly dischaiged, and shall prepare
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little girl, actually unable to stand or support the least weight of hefr
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Med 1906, Ix, 314) and Tsehistowitsch and Kolessnikoff (Multiples diffuses
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cells in the blood of various animals, and, as I have said before,
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Dr. Mazzoni, of Rome, exhibited a remarkable collection of
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lial hyperplasia, and fibrosis with consecutive atrophy of the parenchyma.
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JL imitate nature very perfectly in appearance and motion.
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Seventh District — Dr. J. E. S. Davidson Charlotte
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organisms certain cells are specialized for the production