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wherever possible, the use of the minutest whalebone
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might have the satisfaction of saving the whole city from an
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The left lung was the same as on the first examination. From these
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I first saw the patient 18th of October, with Dr. Brooks, and
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one of his age studied or searched more things than he,
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wath tincture of iodine and a solution of novocaine and adrenalin (| gr.
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Attendance in the Dissectmg Room daily from 10 to 3, excepting Wednesday and
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v^^hich I shall now demonstrate. It is based on the fact that when
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OF the general diseases which remain to be considered, one of the most
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* Cf. Howell's " Text-book of Physiology, on the Cause and Sequence of the
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the attack to an antecedent or co-existing infectious disease. The poison
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the inner eye. Secondly, we shall endeavour to show with
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Office of Publication, 504 Doctors Building, Nashville, Tenn.
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A very large drainage-tube — or, what is better, a strip of gauze
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the so-called large-celled hyperplasia in lymph nodes to be indic-
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watched six cases pass off in the labor-room under the care of the house
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circumstances, a positive diagnosis cannot be made. A strong suspicion of
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be completed to the satisfaction of the instructor.
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portion of the cervix Schroeder unites by suture so soon as the necessary opera-
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tricles, etc. In this way, and without insisting at pres-
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to fade, the entire process lasting from one to two days to a week. The
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under the microscope at room-temperature for a considerable time,
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recommended only where the amount of these bodies is very slight or where the
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stocks on hand at the close of the period will represent quite accu-
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The Supreme Court shall, on or before the second Tuesday of
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ence, or doubt. It is the latter which is most dan-
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inquiry into the circumstances and manner of giving the
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Neisser's, and other distinctive methods. Roux and Yersin
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fail to give relief. Performed as it should be, there was
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of farm-hands, I removed the limb through the junc-