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exceeded your quarterly allotment of 25 demerits. Most recently, you sutured cuts on a patient’s fingers and deliberately
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and permanent. Tlie urine was normal. At the upper and
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Knight, Morrison, M.D., at Gladesville, near Sydney, New South Wales,
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particular by a summary detail of cases, informs us, that the
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heard at the apex, and the left ventricle is considerably hyper-
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3. Chemical analysis of the food alone is not always a
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sive sublimate 1 to 2000, followed by injections of hydro-
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he was three-score. The same eustom of four o'clock rising
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and shown to contain arsenic ; on the 24th \ to myself. I had procured from London a
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the latter. This is exemplified in the reports from
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that region or neuralgia perhaps of that particular
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The condition of ischsemic paralysis — with or without con-
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We have heard much during the past few months on "the decay
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The Newport News Medical Society, composed of negro
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all the other members use sulphurous acid freely, as I believe it
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The whole limb must not be encircled by the plaster. Plaster applied
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28,423, or 44.03 per cent, were due to diarrheal disease.
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any given case for the occurrence of myelitis is not easy to find. We
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where the hemorrhage took place (Flexner and Noguchi). In certain
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March ist. — To-day the patient was disdiarged from
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a mulatto, recorded a large portion of the statistics which
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istics and staining properties of the gonococcus are described in the
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As the part first invaginated remains at the point where it entered,
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from the disease in its typical form, which was said to have followed an
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which are paralysed. Charcot divides these joint-affections into two groups.
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in January. This is in accordance with the Bylaws of the
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considered of great importance and often to be sus-
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emaciated. The autopsy revealed large caseous tuberculous nodes along the
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forms of excitement have prolonged life for many years, when an early
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goose grease as an excipient. A dram of iodine is dis-
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the pains and anaemia were of septic origin, the cause being the diseased
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It also hinders in a marked degree the decomposition of meat. It
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Rep. Presbyterian Hosp., N. Y., 1898, iii, 89-153, 7 diag.,