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little as regards ihe crux of immunity. Does immunity
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the inguinal and axillary regions. In the thorax, they compressed the
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lowest mean, 53°. Summer there is much cooler than at
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per cent contained tubercle bacilli without any definite lesions
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societies, great and small, but an authoritative profession seems
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and Dr. Balard— the discoverer of this salt (182G)— give the fol-
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— A woman was seized with the pains resembling those of labour, and a mass
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tinal — Potassium; Chlorate — Quinine; Tonic —
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Pulmonary embolism consists in the plugging of the pulmonary
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and of the passive movements of the extremities, as well as impaired localization of
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stands aloue amongst other works cm its subject, of
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with the pollen of various kinds of trees, yellowish powders, chalk, sul-
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ache, on the other hand, has occurred in sixteen patients who
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the descending arcades of the gums are covered with
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reach satisfactorily, and which had kept up this long-
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conversation professional brethren living at a distance
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Arkwright, Bacot and Duncan (1919) have confirmed part of the
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question is one of the most common and one of the most
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to the extent of 60/., 70/., or SO/, a year, should he be so
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the immediate disturbances being localized at a given portion of the body.
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Arch. f. Augenh., Wiesb., 1896, xxxiii, 1-10.— Berry (G.)
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before ascent and continued for 24 to 48 hours at altitude.
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continuance of the roller towel, cake of soap, brush, comb, or other
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symptoms rapidly decreased, the fatigue le ;sened, the blood pressure
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found at the basis of their respective valves, the pulmonary and
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near the eyes, nose, and ear, in which complete removal would produce
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sented at the time of admission; yet this patient's life was prolonged for nine
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witnesses; the results of them cannot be accounted for but by admitting the
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having been cut off and united by means of a Murphy button,
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redeemed from the use of poisonous metals. These we hail as more than
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some writers (Balser) it has been regarded as an often fatal disease
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of muscles, may be picked out, by the paralysing intlueuce of a