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forms of neuritis, in obstinate cases of chorea, in all

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verted into sugar ; and it is worthy of remark, that such treatment does

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situated, and, by reason of their situation, the importation of horses or

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Professor Welsh. The molluscum bodies were carefully

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awakening of the profession to the idea of cleanliness and

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all classed under the term of rheumatism, are due to a series

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dry form, absorption of fluid followed by complete recovery or

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A new edition of Mr. Parrish's standard work has tieen rendered an imperative necessity,

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visited WPS headquarters for a one-day seminar on HMP.

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as practiced in the Dairy Laboratory, Bureau of Chemistry, Depart-

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Characters of the Megathcriolysin. — Three strains of B. megatherium were ob-

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swallowed were extremely painful and discouraging, so

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No. 7 chromic catgut ; a large needle, and a large ab-

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view of the very small amounts of formalin which by experiment

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a clear liquid of acrid odor escaped in gushes. The sound was

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evolution of heat and giving off carbon dioxide that

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after her admission. This was a strongly corroborating fact ; but

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allowed to get out of bed. The highest temperature was

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persons with a scrofulous diathesis being more liable than others to mental dis-

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papular eruption was present over both elbows extending down half of

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or less opaque. This vacuity of the nucleated cells and lens tubes has

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the larynx the same prominence that it does in the pul-

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plying friction. Patients should be carefully dried

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is due to such eye defects. Again, in night flying it is most impor-

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freely. An examination of one of the cow's teats showed a hard

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or cotton-tipped stick, as it is here that most diseases of the conjunc-