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the inflamed and tumefied lining of the fauces, which adheres so tensr

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obstruction to the removal of urine, iaterference should not be attempted

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receiver be exposed to the exhausting operation of the air-pump.

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lial hyperplasia, and fibrosis with consecutive atrophy of the parenchyma.

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sual disturbances; hallucinations; an acute reversible syndrome characterized by disori-

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Pemphigus resembles urticaria, and which, according to Hebra,

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infection." Goldschmidt ^^ concludes, after twenty-five years' experience,

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there is no fever at the onset, and in this disease trismus is an early ami

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According to Dr. William HuflFines, Medical School coordinator, this eight

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in the lesser peritoneal cavity, usually appears in the epigastric region

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in the country fevers of all kinds exist. A severe type

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apoplexy is also termed hsemorrhagic infarction, and, as ex-

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minutes in the bath the patient's temperature was reduced to ioo°,

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a fact that has only been incidentally noticed in this

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end of a week he was visited by some one (not a physician) who gave him

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the name cucumerina. Also that each segment is pro-

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This, the author has clearly substantiated in the thera-

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best to let the animal run over for a year or so, for the testicles,

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transmitted by the same fibre ] and, in fact, rejecting the discrimination of hard and soft

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being when the puncture was made anteriorly, averaging in this case

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as she would have died if she had retained her limb — in

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exceptions, men when hit fell back to the rear at once ; and I can testify to

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is examined. In acute endocarditis, oedema, if present, is slight; but in

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The fatality from diphtheria has been greatly lowered since 1904,

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because of their spontaneous motion — were found under

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ino; was changed. Do not these facts seem to demonstrate that

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inp..rii,ul,irthel.nee-i,>int,f,,r-uJ,f,,ieiL:nb.,die<arem,,iVea-ib eMr.ieted

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a cullender, then put it back in the saucepan adding two dessert-

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and back showed considerable bruising in the lumbar region and

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12. Digitalis 1 dr., nitre 2 dr., liquorice 4 dr., tar enough