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which Dr. Andr6 having discovered a hard, white, polished

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new serum is begun even one day after inoculation, only from 3 to

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gestion. The treatment, in addition, should embrace, if possible, the

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ceeded after a varying interval by the progressive or sudden annihilation

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were taken sick with diphtheria and removed to the hos-

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citation he received may have only added to Rolhns's

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only the veins and capillaries when smaller ones are jished sensibility and reflex power in the spinal cord,

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In the rebreathing apparatus the percentage of oxygen is grad-

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of the terms employed in describing the parts of each pulsation.

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Appended is a chronologic table of protocols of the animal work

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heart; it results in round shoulders and curving of the spine backward

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eral narcotics law, and pay the annual tax of $1.00 before July 1, 1963. You are

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of the muscles without atrophy and changes in electric irritabilitj-. As the

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been well said by the late William H. Ford, M.D., who, in his

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careful attention, however, in ordinary cases of this description, these

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Certain Cell-Problems and their Significaace for the Scien-

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is typical of a single-phase transformer and a mechanical rectifier. Has

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6 per cent., and they came down to three when they were forced ; now they are back to

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fluid again accumulated. The stools were never clay-colored.

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there should be erected within ten years, on the estate of Burn-

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that the clinical effects are inconspicuous, and the recognition of the lesion

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mented by the administration of mammary extract is without

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that the prosecution of alleged illegal practitioners

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jectiveh', or in a skin already affected with a preceding dermatosis.

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that it fatigues and alarms the patient ; and when the vital powers

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(6) The so-called accidental or spurious albuminuria is due to the presence

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Bowling Green, Ky. ; Secretary, Dr. G. P. affections, with-, it is claimed, excellent results.

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localization. In 10 of the 54 cases (18.5%), cancer was

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physical signs existing in opposite sides of the chest. The left side

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The Association then took up for consideration four

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each time. This means an accumulation of about 16 ounces a daj'. His

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A recent discussion at the Society of Surgery of Paris between MM. Terrier,