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serum). The local treatment consisted of the use of lactic
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many times a successful means of securing the same result. For this pur-
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produces the following effects : During the first four-and-twenty
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whom Dr. Weston's ante-mortem aflidavil stated that
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shrunken tongue, a pulse rate increased to 110 or more, increasing
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been able to satisfy myself that any very definite form of insanity
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fibrous, cystic, and diminished in size, interstitial nephritis being the chief
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observed. This is the magnetic spectrum of cathode rays,
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*' Girard-Tenton : Memoire sur la Pression Atmospherique dans ces
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A Journal of Medicine and Surgery, published every other Saturday. Price, $3
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as expressive of their feelings toward him at the present time. It shows that whatever mis-
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cal field. Thus Dr. Moore presents a case of exophthalmic
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question in a manner to make it of practical value to
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give attention to and regulate our mental operations, and which governs,
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shilling of their guirrea for certifying a lunacy case to the
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15. ^^jrest of motion ensuing upon retardation downward was uni-
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inanimate matter, in which their actions are regular and uni-
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tumor involving the liver, which have greatly interested me. Some of the
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size of the child. — Rep.] Symphysiotomy was decided
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watery fluid into the renal tubules. Each of the four ventricles is
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every way comparable to perforation of the intestine in the Peyer's patches
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by the " drop " heart is well within the landmarks above mentioned
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gain the confidence of the people he served in his professional ability.
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that he will succeed, and, having done so, the instru-
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Tr'eatmcnt.— Local astringents and purulent nasal discharge. Septum devi-