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(Med. News, Nov. 18, 1905; Med. Record, Jan. 27, 1906.)
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sleeps well. He is very quiet, tractable, and gentle ; does or
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Hereditary influences. Though in some instances heredity plays an
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typhoid fever at Butler, Pa., it is threatened with an epidemic
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wherever illuminating gas can be procured. For physicians in
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;„ntinu.xi. It li..^ b-n ..-.rt.a h. .m,.. tli.t .UMplul.i.u -^ ni, f
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" The great evil that we have to fix upon, as a guide to the purification of the
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full remmi of the recent improvements made in these important depart-
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It is evident that the constitutional symptoms are not exclusively symp-
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I have gleaned without stint from medical literature with a view to
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Fantham (1908). Quarterly Journal of Microscopical Science, January.
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only to compare in its results with the lithotomy in similar subjects of a
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being 523 grains daily on the whole average, and 540 grains daily on the
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In 1905, he married Miss Alice Piatt of this city, who survives
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1. As occurring in females of a highly susceptible or hysterical dis-
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studies at Bennett Medical College, Chicago, from which he graduated in 1888.
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control over legs for a short time, which was soon lost ; large bed-
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epilepsy is not idiopathic, it might be concluded that dropsy and
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sion of the disease ; and then certainly in such an
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through the action of which we might a jynori look for the creation
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they find themselves helpless in the face of the more or less
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to the distillatory process, within the shortest possible time,
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29. Lecocq. Gaz. hebd. 1863.— 30. Chailley. These de Paris, 1869.— 31. De Sinety.
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tions were normal. I examined his thighs at this time, and found
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14 abyymep, H., eras is of preposition ; biymeji, B. 19 cpicne, H.
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histologists have observed various microscopic lesions, the exact nature of which
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liquids ingested, we must first of all determine whether
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out? Neither more nor less than lateral force which will approximate
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son Tait related three cases of acute peritonitis, due to pyosalpinx, cured by
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cavitj', and then used such manual force as was neces-
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Therapeutics. By Charles W. Glassington, M.R.C.S., L.D.S.
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recognized early, an attempt may be made to have the spine in the most
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of the older literature concerning the variation in the results as to