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Dental Surgery was established in the British Medical Association 2
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test it and increased the dose to six grains three times daily,
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reference, as this is intended to be, is certainly the most con-
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with the median line, and three-fourths of an inch distant
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pulse differs little in frequency from the normal, and the skin is often
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is much to bo regretted that this Scheme of Conjoint
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well as to hyperadrenalism, the condition going on often enough
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to have been excessively abridged. I first heard this
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The knowledge of psychiatry is in such a fluid state
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son with osteomyelitis after an amputation recovers.
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but, as far as the legislator is concerned, the consideration of
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As I have intimated this work may not appeal to the highest
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the supposition, during life, that the intestine had again descended.
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that the publication of this list may refresh the minds of many who have,
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could not have been produced had tho Medical gentlemen of
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1593. Eshxer, Augustus A., M.D., Consulting Physician to Mercy
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condition some four or five times, but invariably with a fatal result.
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large doses of hoang nan during the entire treatment.
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disreputable, low-grade medical schools with which this country is so
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of life. He described three cases which were all success-
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and the hands flexed, presenting a condition analogous
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are indorsed by sundry allopathic physicians, who are evidently
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placed in the observation room of the scarlet fever or dipli-
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•atisfactriry evidence in favour of the doctrine,
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cored one case of opacity of the cornea of long standing, and was suc-