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has been packed for transportation in tin boxes, which alone are said to
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lowed by a plateau of varying length containing minor changes; and that under
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this. The author observes that the green coloration of the blood media attributed
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appoint four inspectors, who shall serve without compensation, and
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branes); whereas the protein content in pure congestion transudates
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is the seat of the morbid production, longest when the body
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knot or ganglion; but it was reserved for the second Monro, (1783), nearly two centuries after-
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make payment towards the participant’s single annual deducti-
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blood dust is not an element sui generis, but is of diverse origin. He
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vomiting, and some disturbance of the bowels occasioned by the interference
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naturally the most liable to become pigmented, either by exposure to sun and
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that time onwards made a complete recovery. Decadence of the cord was unac-
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coloured fats, and the pink fat of the salmon, and green fat of the turtle,
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in Hayti and later on in Mexico, in his book on Hayti
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its expression in such an organ as the kidney, in which the nature of the blood
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tion to the very serious by-effects sometimes produced, and
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" In this case the affection again returned, but was early
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detectable while there is obstruction to the flow of pus, and vice versd. Ac-
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Attached to the teaching hospitals should be various institutes
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tured compensation of the heart. JSTot having the blood pressure in-
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3. Herpes is not unfrequently the immediate confequence of
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so-called bilious colic, which, in connection with his
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tiful, others not, and, if necessity does not determine, his
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the violent pathologic excitation of the semicircular canals produces such marked
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Because of the nature of the source material for this volume, the form of its
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"follicular vulvitis" of females is best treated in the same general way.
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Gentle reader in the west, do not be startled at the notice of a
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perature. On the whole, a relatively low is better than a high temperature,
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