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Initial stage.— When the apex becomes infiltrated with tuber-

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case communicated by Dr. Hardy, a matter similar to this, but of a

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astringents, by laxatives. And the groups thus formed would

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pital; Vice-chairman of the revision committee of the United States

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324-334.— ITIascarel (J.) Note sur la fievre tvphoide.

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author, the disease is not materially shortened by the drug, but the

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on a part of the ganglionic system of nerves, by which it is enabled to

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After receiving a liberal preliminary education, he stu-

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If we assume that the pepsin-insoluble nitrogen of the feces repre-

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legs and bent wrists, which had been present since birth. There was

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notable that the more the investigations have been aimed at this

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viceable in the laboratory, and that in the hands of

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be possible to devise anything worse calculated for the

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ment is always indicated; (2) that this surgical treat-

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Council by the Director-General of the Army Medical Service.

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Dr. Vance said that the most common place for sub-involution was

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of diplomacy. Poison was, in fact, the common means

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developed in a lying-in hospital, none of the methods then in use served

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the air-borne theory certain of the best attested epidemiological data

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in the secretion of milk, constipation alternating with diarrhoea, dypsncea,

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hydrocarbons, and 59"1 ounce of nitrogenous constituents.

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suddenly and all of them at the same time. This points to throm-

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Case V of Type 1 presented no features not already noted

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occur, and yet what steps have we taken to prevent illegal

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sisted of twenty ; of these, for each jaw, j,ave known a person vomit one."

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prognostic importance. Regarding an absolute cure in

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Sulphuric Acid for each grain of Quinine. Generally, have the acid in

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the molecular changes in the nerves and muscles. We have previously demonstrated,

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practical work of the highest order of merit; and it

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frequent in town than in country children, as well as to contrast

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First — That it takes too long to effect a cure, owing

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possible savings for all patients (calls) during December

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otitis media 20 cases of tuberculosis of the middle ear were found.