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Tin' aheoli .jo not alone sur>P'"t the inci-ease of )>ressurc; they UH'rel\

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cannot as yet be explained. Alexander, who was very critical in his selec-

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hands and fingers are sometimes increased in length, most of the enlarge-

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till \i\ till. Illliini. lII|-> ll'IMI !■• Ill |l|<IVIIl>ll ^I^IMMIillMl

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ii the more dilli.'iilt. for. ac.'.irdinir to the curve (Mi; I:!") the heiii.,-

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various contusions, blows in the region of the kidney, lifting neavy weights,

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membranmis pyelitis, in which there are large shreds made up of fibrin, pus

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upright in a vessel, while several successive pails-

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Treatment. — Before the diagnosis can be made with certainty some of

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and that at least a functional recovery ensues. This possibility is given some

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Ml. Tra.iiiu' she«iiifr slmultaneeus n cur.Is ef the arterial bloe.l iiressnre. the

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been a matter of discussion, many investigators holding that it does not,

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subperiosteal bone formation seems normal or even abnormally active,

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recognize carcinoma either by examination or at operation before the pros-

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A traumatic origin of some cases of nephritis has been alleged. Kiister,

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//" /'/•(ii('i///«\ of till tiiitliDtlx ein|iloyed. These principles are hrielly as

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iii.imicr ill wliicli the ilcimi opens into the ceciini.

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several ilnvs in the alxloineii, houev.'r, the seeretioii fn-m the deiiervated

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I'K '"" I ^"-^ .111-. ". I.I.. in.!>k. (, M..nlli I'i...,

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U777/ •'.;.,■ //./,r.v77,M770.V.v. I.XC/.I /n.\<!

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should be told to increase it gradually until he feels the effects, and then

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of his own. Since then, Miyake,^ Abram,' and others have increased the

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<'ii.-ul:ili..|i llir.i.|-!i til.. I.!in-s, L'.",:; : ( •ii.-iil:iti..ii tlii..ii:;li Ih,' l.iv.r. -J."..': Tin-

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tions iiiijiht remain as nearly intact as possilile, the KiissiMii phy^ioloL'i^t.

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symptoms are dominant. I have reported cases in which for years colic

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leak, and the pulmonic closure may be sharp, the aortic sound also sharp,

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may be the forerunner of a genuine inflammation. But unless nephritis

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The colloidal lympliajroirnes iiiclirde w;itcry extracts of the dried tis-

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Sporadic Uretinism. — SynonymB. — Sporadic cretinism ; congenital or

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kidiii'v is ri' This is indieati-d liy the fai-t that, when

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roid gland, and in the elucidation of the clinical features of such cases.

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John Goldwyer Andrews, Esq. Surgeon to the London Hospital;

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iiiv .Irivcn a,^,n,st th.. pyloric s,d,in,.ter -,y th." p..ristaltic wav,..s. instead f

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scleroderma) the pointed fingers described by Revilliod. Chronic and also

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iirjranism; thus, that the cxcittiiry or'_Mris, such as the kidneys, will lie

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Jacob Berzelius, M.D. F.R.S. Professor of Chemistry in the

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the normal average, ami the ))ercenta<je of O, ahove it. Kvidently, thr- ■

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added. Rich and highly seasoned or spiced foods, fried and greasy foods, the

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thirst, and palpitation; marked enlargement of the left ventricle, sharply

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very common in pernicious aneemia and diabetes, in which anatomical

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be the slightest evidence from any source in support of this fact. Clinically

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than females, 71 to 45, according to Keen, and 102 to 71, according to

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