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French, German and English schools, with the great body of American

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strong, malt liquors are often preferable to spirits ; but when there is any

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baths are sometimes useful, and Striimpell very strongly recommends hot

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tinuance of limited duration. A remarkable fact, connected with the

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On the other hand, attacks of angina associated with cardiac lesions may

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through the walls of the blood-vessels, the blood coloring matter precipi-

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cautery, combined with the internal administration of mercurials and

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of less obvious origin is of more likely occurrence during epidemics of

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She stated that five weeks previously she was attacked with tremor

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faithfulness on the part of a marital partner is not uncommon. On the

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such temperature produces a thermic fever whether it (the temperature) is

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dence are alike gradual. The prognosis is much more favorable than in

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seemed to do harm by its depressing effects. It is fair to state how-

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found in certain varieties of acute nephritis, in chronic diffuse nephritis,

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the heart or the vessels themselves. In order to obtain these effects the

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and for this purpose aniline colors, carmine, hsematoxylin, or an aqueous

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susceptibility, independently of atmospheric imparities. With these

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of rhubarb. When the passages are very large and serous the purgation

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the disorder and disease of the cornu Ammonis, although Sommer, Hoff-

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of the oesophagus depends upon the nature and extent of the obstruction

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digestive system of the infant, with human milk ; and therefore, when

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nal wall, especially conspicuous in an emaciated person. There may be

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is a sensation of excessive fulness of the chest, which is probably pro-

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TREATMENT. When cerebral hypersemia simulates apoplexy a free

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The jigger is to be removed with a minute sharp knife or a needle.

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sublimate (one-sixtieth of a grain three times a day) may be useful.

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to exposure to cold, also the instances following severe burns and those

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basis. In the immediate treatment of the sciatica, if the symptoms are

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nitis. It is characterized by the presence of an opaque white membrane

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of the bladder and rectum, or other atypical symptoms. Again, cases

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ous hyaline, granular, epithelial, and fatty casts of various length and

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be viewed as a danger signal, it being almost always an early indi-

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