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EUis for microscopical examination. She recognized it as the same sort of
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to repair lesions in the bloodvessel sheaths or sud-
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association with chronic Bright's disease ; and, as pointed out by
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with the eruption, may be considered characteristic. The roost common
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236 pounds. At 4 cents per pound for pork, valuing corn meal at $1
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material was investigated, at Hanson's request, by Low, who dis-
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in character. The ulcers were cauterized and are heal-
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cases. One of them relapsed nine weeks after his first injection,
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pearance, with a wliite tongue, and some fumigation having entirely ceased, the hand
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about the other cases sufficiently characteristic to afford a definite indi-
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been provided for 400-bed evacuation hospitals. How-
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tion of the diseased area which can be treated at a
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left as possible and the end brought through the upper angle of the
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Andrews operated, rather against his will. A large amount of gelatinous
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intended incision. The ends of the ligature were left long — the
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his arm at the same place, and was disabled from pur-
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liii, 119-121.— Carroll (F. J.) The Christian scientists;
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As suggested by Dr. DUDGEON.— F/^^ Med. Times & Gazetie, July 2, i88i.
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glands at all, or only to a trifling extent. To this group belong
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right and anterior wall of the rectum, in the majority of cases, and is known
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large swelling come on the left side of the neck, which
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The skin becomes sallow and flabby. The muscles waste, fractures and
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physical change does the nervous mass undergo in cJiorea sancti Viti,
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The Annual course of Lectures in this Institution will commence on the last Monday of October.
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ent sick children should be provided with efficient medical,
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examined. A rising leucocyte count is an important indication
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He interrupted his college career in 1946-47 to serve with the Army's
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a >lace, age, occupation, and circumstances, so extraordinary, that but for two
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intravenously, subcutaneously, or by enteroclysis, the
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a disastrous influence on infants aged from six to twenty-four
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no vomiting. Stomach was washed, much black greenish material obtained.
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conii, and one drachm of Burgundy pitch, and the same quantity of dia-
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phthisis, to which I have referred, I was struck with
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out suppuration, but this does not prove that the said organ-
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moving at suitable speed during an experiment, a short record giving an
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the maniacal and excitable cases inhabited sombre apartments, while the
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Mother-Milk. He emphasizes the use of salt in all forms of food.
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toxic results as shown electrocardiographically was practically in-