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appoints Dr. W. L. Noble as acting superintendent. It was in
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caused by a fall (as in the previous cases), and accompanied with enormous
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Functional and Organic Medicines. — Such a division
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constitutional symptoms in a marked degree. On the 29th of April last, Dr.
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on the left side ; the pubic bones are below it, with part of the
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of the disease is more marked in the morning, giving
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presence of fluid in the pleura is indicated : by dulness on percussion up
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at least augments the muscular energy, and in truth does not cease to do so until it
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smoothing out of face wrinkles and lines in a man about
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especially those in India, Egypt, and Rio de Janeiro, who give evidence of
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well should, as much as possible, be kept apart, and
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tached to the black diseased parts by cellular threads. This
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5. References in parentheses numbered consecutively. No
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the physical impossibility of getting out a hard obstruc-
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Obstetrics/Gynecology Pediatrics Internal Medicine Surgery Family Practice UAMS
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lowed, but 32 to 36 inches would be more comfortable working room.
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to apply cold to tlie chest, as in hemorrhages in other situations. This
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Alcoholic — Basis Alcohol Linimentum Saponis, Soap Liniment
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The results of the treatment have been quite satisfactory.
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