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tention the board must refer to the exceptional ]iesition in the

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Such baths, alternating if anaemia be present with hip baths of three

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hemorrhage and peritonitis is reduced to a minimum, while the disease

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primary tuberculosis in these organs cannot be denied. Testicular tuber-

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the northern ones. I suppose it is also known in Europe, as

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closely woven thin flannel of the same shape, but an inch wider and

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Ten years ago the value of the milch cows in the United

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procedure, the effect of which may be greatly enhanced by allowing

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combined. The injection of antiseptics into the diseased areas in the

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lower the tone, the type, and the vigor of the race, and come

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There is another common mushroom, an edible one, the

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the inhalation. Out of twenty cases treated, six were incon-

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of T0°-100° F. (2i.l°-3T.7° C). Systematic bathing in this manner

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rest is taken all day in chairs and beds. After three or four

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it difficult to remove blood-stains at once, but they disappear

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the perspiration, whether it be applied externally or be generated within

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papilla, surrounding the latter with a capillary loop. Every sebace-

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seat of catarrh, being deeply injected, swollen, at times edematous, and

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detects tenderness, and the limits of the organ may be defined by careful

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ment with isolation, rest cure, medicinal, or other agents which he may

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tendant upon such an existence. Probably for ten years pre-

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nardo, living in the island of Malta, was the precursor of Kneipp, of

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tub is placed upon it, raised upon bricks or blocks of wood, or upon

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^ Centralblatt fiir Bacteriologie, vol. xviii. Nos. 17 and 18.

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to 0.518) daily for several days. If quinin cannot be taken per os,

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although it is a high-priced wine as champagne is sold in the

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and may point the means to relief and cure in many cases now

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test of the blood tell .much. The age of the patient counts

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the sensory nerve endings which form the temperature sense convey the

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they are very palatable, but soon get sour and go to vinegar.

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bolism and nutrition of the tissues. This material probably

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rest of the organ for a period of not less than twenty-four hours, the

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Boston City Hospital. He was more than satisfied with the results.

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to twenty ounces of warm or hot water can be retained at one time in

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rubbed. In two hours a cold wet compress was placed around the chest,

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edematous, containing tubercles, and later they present foci which often

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caused by the bacillus tuberculosis. This organism produces specific

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advisable, especially when we may expect results from decided treatment.

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as well as registration and the evolving and enconi-agement of

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though the distinction between mild varioloid and severe varicella in

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and surgeon he was. Nelaton was a very able and capable