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deposits hinder the dilatation of the arterial tube and prevent a rapid
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Abnormalities of tint may be due to changes in the relative amounts of the
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may be regarded as an established fact. Chantemesse and Tenneson,'
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that time, leaving the Board mainly in the hands of
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cyst. The treatment is that of chronic nephritis, except in the rare cases
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is withdrawn by puncturing and cupping and in this way the poison
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due to bony enlargements, and are usually most extreme in cases in
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Formerly the port of Havana was never without yellow fever, and
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consequences in mythological figures, in the well-nourished Bacchus
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Curtis was an alumnus of 1870, and a brother of Dr.
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means loss of mobility, loss of i)liabilit3% and consequent loss of
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constructed apparatus, and which sometimes form a valuable adjunct
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myopathies and the myopathies due to nervous lesions. In its
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by i)ropagation." The Ijest exami)le tliat I can give of this form of
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but it has not yet been conclusively proved that the nephrolysins so formed
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classed as rheumatic, it is sometimes seen with marked oedema, heematuria,
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tion cannot be established nor can the heart beat be excited without
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efore oedema is noticeable. The onset of acute nephritis may therefore
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upon the right side. In the pain of colic the patient often finds a
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frequently complicated with the effects of alcoholism, syphilis, tuber-
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it is merely one of the varieties of chronic rheumatism or chronic
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mortem examination verified the accuracy of the diagnosis formed
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the abdominal organs, far exceed in extent the corresponding mem-
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then placed in the serum, and the whole is permitted to evaporate for
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are the director's room, a photograph chamber, and a
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The derangements of the nervous system are numerous and prom-
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be allowed to sink gently into the liquid so that unnecessary wetting of the
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to do so offered them at reduced prices. The butcher bought a list
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is accomplished by the end of the third month. From this time
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Above and in front of the upper portion of each kidney is a small
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Much skill is often required in managing this affection which at
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not preceded by any tonic stage. Ascoli considers that these movements are
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inclined to either the right or left side of the face, the side opposite
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dium severity might endure if left to itself, I am unable to say ; but,
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(d.) Hare Lip. — There is sometimes a congenital opening in the
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The shape of the heart is that of a cone, with the apex downward,
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United States Dispensatory or other books on the subject of phar-
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tion of the muscles and fibrous textures of the large joints. Inflam-
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fluenced by position, and may only be present during the active hours.
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if ever, exhibit any evidence of serious hepatic disturbance. The
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enough temperature one would not have hesitated to call it so. Post-
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