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fat tissue in the neck, destruction of^ the posterior portion of the pituitary
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when young had recurring attacks of "white and blue fingers," and her
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cases, with that of the treatment best adapted for their reUef, I
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nerve. In some cases it extends also down the ureter into tne bladder,
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only accordiii!; to thi' iiu'tliod used in its preiiaration. but also ai'coid
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that the dicrotic wa\e is conspicuous in pulses of low tension, bui
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11,1 Iniirl. Iiitclferciice with the heart aetimi itself i iiii|e|ieiiileiitly of
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tl„. II ion iiuMvasis in .•oncntiation, th.. <»11 i-ui must iT,-ipio,.all.y <!,'-
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I >;- !-■. Ili.iKram ut At«al. i l.v.u-.iu t r,<| ir.,li..., , al,., ,m, t, , . A~ ,!,.■ .■>i,:„.,l „-, . i,,, il„- I).,
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itiiiy (•iJiiiTiiti-aliniis (iT a yi\i'ii sail \a!\ I'm- ilirrciciil i-iir|)iisi-li'-;; llnis,
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often be recognized on ordinary examination, but is especially well brought
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frequent relation of such infections to the bone marrow, are suggestive.
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.\ (luid contaiiiinjr a liijih eoiicentration of aiitithromliin is secreted
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few days before on the outer surface of the left arm. The severe attacks are
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