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Charing-Cross Hospital, where the abscess was opened and a catheter passed
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and one of the ward nurses, who five weeks after, de-
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Dr. Ma.JOR Geeenwood : I agree with Dr. Brownlee in attaching impor-
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marked disease tendency, where the disease followed the eating
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figurements of the joints are not to be compared to
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leaving England, he discovered that the flannel shirts of the men were six Inches shorter than
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with ether using 50 c c per portion, each time for a period of 10 minutes.
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philosophers be ingeniously introduced upon the face of the earth.
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cholera to himself or some of his family (a wife and five
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nurses, a porter, and some patients. The chaplain, also, who
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The food appears to be stored up as fat at the expense of muscu-
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to the liazarding of tlie lives & liinbes of some, & the detriment
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by means of instruments made especially for this pur-
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results of the constant galvanic electric current and of other
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products of intestinal fermentation. In the latter group are many
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typhus and typhoid was H. C. Lombard, a physician of Geneva.
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mented by the third-party payers and their consultants in
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I learned that the patient some ten years before had
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ing from eczema of the anus and scrotum, are vastly improved after
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There is very marked clubbing of fingers and toes, and the distal extremi-
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facihty with which they give out or abstract oxygen.
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again seven months after surgery, complaining of nausea,
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accurate observation. When we go further and seek to explain the hypoth-
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and diptheria โ€” have learned that, whenever there is any doubt
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meet with carbon, for it is universal ; thus heat is liberated throughout the
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dextral preeminence had been treated w^ith reference to the
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secretions seemed to be much facilitated thereby. The father of the
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O CO O O โ€” โ€” ' r.q CO CJ O O CO r-, Oi CO CO -^ O ยป0 -* -* CO 00 ^_^ CO -* -^^^
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Nausea and eructations of acid or food often precede or accompany the emesis.
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toxin serum in the treatment of diphtheria is one of the
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week and scheduled for this week in the Senate Com-
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the best diet. The ground or crushed barley should be boiled
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tion much more slowly. It is important in order to get these wide
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of the thighs, and petechire round some of the hair follicles, while recovery