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The next meeting of a committee to consider the sub-
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subside, or the improvement is only local. The purulent
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the spleen. Since, when the spleen is removed in cases of splenic anemia,
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first dark, but at last black. In this state it is obtained, when the
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symptoms were absent, or only slightly marked. 2. Where the
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oil, or other larvicidc. These methods are for the consideration of
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might divulge it. Some time afterwards Sir Kenelm having
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pure. In this connection, the food of the cows, as affecting
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fection of hips, and simple oxymel, of each 1 oz. ; a teaspoonful
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experience this injury, for the most part, undergo a
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Overall, reported cases of diphtheria in the NIS in-
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pecially of scarlet fever. In both cases there is a blood-poison at
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he also thouglit beneficial. On the 27th, however (more than three
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to be given an opportunity to decline a re-election. Let it be known
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of surgery have there been greater improvements than in
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duration, 9 years ; severity, 2. [Nine sittings ; went back to north
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aerial convection. Why, then, it might be said, advocate the complete
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I should like here, when exhibiting this specimen, to refer to
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the second month the fat reaches normal, and while this in-
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ditions which could not be diagnosticated by palpation alone,
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queutlv produces remarkable curative effects ; in some
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The surgical treatment of degenerative disease of the
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ing which they develop immunity to the injection of living
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easily deceive me and make mc forgetful of my lofty aim of doing good to Thy
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unfortunate people committed to their care. Physchology is the most
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Medical Center, Learning Resources Center. Contact: Anita
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mendable diligence and promptitude," and their industry and zeal are
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institutions. With respect to the nature of those examinations
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Bornhaupt discussed the reaction which the bone- splinters exercise on the form of
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