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rheumatoid arthritis. He (the speaker) had seen cases

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pains, though these seem rare ; to nausea from time to time, and

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THE nO.STON MEOirAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL is published every Wednesday, by D.

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were published and at least five more project reports with findings were sub-

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for 1859, p. 27. July 9. In such cases the fluid fills the areolar

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reason, and will sometimes warn by-standers to keep

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It is thus more "according to nature" than any form

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to tempt the appetite : or, in any event, the sight, smell,

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patient for work. Here, again, general depression of

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tion and estimation. In his reply he kindly gave me among others

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*Bead before the Medical Society of Milwaukee Countyi Milwaukee,

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in the treatment of otorrhea — Listerism introduced

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that the infective matter of foot and mouth disease is a micrococcus

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" negligible except in cities with foreign population and in the

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where it is a late manifestation, attended with considerable pain. As a rule,

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remarkable for 2-3mm ST depression in leads V3 through

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his age or his good will, this constraint can be fixed to ten

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some cases, the appearance of an abscess under the integument, or the

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the stitches, or until there is reason to believe that the case is not

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wards. When, for any reason, the water from outside

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through the scrotum, and are made on the trocar and canula

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become epidemic again next year the archipelago will

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and many others which are of importance in the disease.

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report to my colleagues of the medical board of the Infant

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would be interesting to compare the graduation of these glasses

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showed the specimen, which he had removed from a peddler

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Baxter, J. H., Colonel and Chief M( dical Purveyor.

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Florence and Mary 1L were 8% and 16 per cent under-

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Association, have been reported to committees and re-

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The following case, though but a solitary one, I wish to bring

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studies at Bennett Medical College, Chicago, from which he graduated in 1888.