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Dax), in the Société d' Antliropologie of Paris, in the spring of 1861,
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There is too great a difference between ib) and (<:). It is
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be injected into the uterus to stop hemorrhage. Again, a
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known as ergastoplasm, and already demonsrated as taking the
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early da3^s of pregnancy by concealing herself in the bed. " The worst of
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notwithstanding, under the unfortunate belief that the foetus,
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strong affection for his paramour before his brain gave way.
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Hydrate and Carbolic Acid crystals. It is a sterling remedy
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1 brain contract, so that the fact itself is out of the
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living republic, no boasting after the battle, no stealing of
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the product of brain -action on sense -impressions.
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of a figure 8, and another patch farther up has a similar shape. The
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the lesions of amoebiasis were confined to a single segment of the
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It must be admitted, however, that this was a mild infec-
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South Atlantic Association of Obstetricians and Gyne-
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bone and the brain scar. He recommends local anesthesia
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one small portion of the lung, may be eliminated, and the part
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In this case childbearing had undoubtedly ceased. I
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advantages, and are almost certain to be ill adapted to their needs. All in-
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ton F. McNally, and included Dr. Edward Dyer Ander-
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that the constitutional effects are secondary to, and dependent on,
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Sometimes pus may be pressed out from the cracks of the lesion.
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the best results were obtained, and in the first stages
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From the commencement of the disease, or during the first few days,
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of yellow filters. The sensitiveness of Andresen's rhodamin
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long time as benign by local applications, constitutional
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about the size of a horse-bean, appeared beneath the scalp, near the pos-
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Splenic enlargement due to leucaemia, syphilis, and malaria