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Bornhaupt discussed the reaction which the bone- splinters exercise on the form of

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related to the brain act and react upon the whole nervous system.

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watching, not a rigorous imprisonment in an asylum. The greatest danger is

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headings: 1. Local skin diseases. 2. Epizoic parasites. 3.

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cavity. It was therefore futile to employ a drain in the

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larger amount of urea than in health, a fact showing an increased waste of

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particular it will be seen, by an inspection of the drawing, how,

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in larger quantity than the fatal dose, was administered

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slowly, or the corpuscles subside more rapidly, than in

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Free bacteriological examination of morbid products

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years ago he had an oedematous swelling of the feet. He had long before had

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The admissions for the year, therefore, showed a larger pro-

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[Read before the Northern Medical Association of Philadelphia,

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and diptheria — have learned that, whenever there is any doubt

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make the greatest impress on the medicine of the future.

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under the anterior pillar of the fauces a small cyst having a diameter

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phen Smith, M. D., and H. D. Bulklet, M. D. July, September, 1856.

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Figs. 4, 5, and 6. — Neutrophils showing nuclear excrescences. Figures 4

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$2.75 than we would at $3.00. A Society as honorable

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it from Dr. Seaton's admirable work on Vaccination (Macmillan

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when other miscellaneous infectious agents are absent may or may not

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the middle and upper lobes), two as moderate in extent,

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also for High Frequency Currents. — In this connection it

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is not uncommon to find cretaceous tuberculous masses, both in cases of

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effect of nephritis is to raise the blood-tension, followed by dilatation of the

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observed this morning. Urine diminished to 54 oz. in the twenty-four hours.