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consideration of this Council. At the same time the latter

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cysts. But the patient, on hearing my advice, refused, and would

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that appendicitis with exactly the same method of origination may be

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MEDFORD, F. H., B.S., Birmingham, “The ‘Ideal’ Daily Vitamin C

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choreic phenomena on the part of the limbs ; all the

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\ denly, as after a violent moral shock, but in general it comes on slowly. It

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looked as if the game was up. The child had been in spasms for more

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stench for another!" To-day, four years later, Billroth him-

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many years he has ignored this dictum, and he states that he

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. c . • , ■ -. • 1,1 5 Dr. Kizet, ot the Chasseurs, denies this.

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Giraldes believed that death here was produced by chloroform,

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that this postulate is true for them. As Dr. Haughton has, by the

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menisci of the knee: MR imaging evaluation. Radiology 1988; 167:769-774

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followed by one of Dr Greenhow's, in which also one application was not

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till 38 years had passed would their number be cut down to 50.

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more or less febrile disturbance, rigors, nausea, and loss of appetite.

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