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the peritoneum, or in cancer of the ovary with ascites, the fluid in the peri-
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Treatment of Infantile Paralysis with Special Refer-
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stimulating nervous activity, tobacco and veratrum viride depress-
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diate necessities, and I think it well to start In on the campaign
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I'sych. XV. p. 268. — 16. Bowlby. Brit. Med. Journ. 1890, i. p. 1432. — 17. Bradshaw.
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single example in a physician's practice might easily be considered coinci-
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of soft water, one tea-spoonful every three hours till better,
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the iJLraments were completely destroyed: there was no deposition
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varices which are extruded during defecation may inflame and even
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for a number of days, and the patient showed constitu-
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Minimal Height of Barometer (23rd, at 9 a.m.). 29.518 „
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but a profuse oozing of blood followed, for the arrest of which
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216. AZso, Re])rint.— Grammer (.T.) Intermittent fever
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could not have been much less than 100°. Able to swallow though
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chronic. The mucosa is slightly involved, being swollen, injected, and
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dissecting forceps and scissors should be absolutely c
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number of cases because of the development of the collateral circulation.
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almost uniformly fatal, and altogether beyond the reach of art.
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under my care, from experience in the first case, I
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and face, regions commonly spared by tinea versicolor.
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accept them as conclusive evidence ; but some of the German
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trocar. A small trocar was, therefore, introduced into the
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utilizes this study in determining the form of the diaphi-agm rather
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on it with great ease. At that time a very small opening was
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of the disease is over, and when the growths in Peyer's glands
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ber, — acting under the influence of personal jealousy or
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as well as in that form of the affection whidb follows scarlatina, small-
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most dangerous, and it is a practice that should not be re-
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organization at the present time of the Medical Department of the
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from the gynecologic service was investigated also on account of
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The previous statistics, showing certain points, do
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by ocular movements only. It would appear, however, from Russell's
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the Prefecture of Fukuoka, but also in those of Shizuoka, Okayama,
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