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action of this drug, or of the various preparations of peppermint
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which, in the recent state, weighed only 19 oz. That of the last case under
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posing that their primary origin is the intestinal canal, from which they
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undoubted cases of pyloric stenosis to operation. Only those cases are
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not soluble in the stomach but soluble in the intestine. Eventually
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having been evaporated to a tenth of its bulk in a water-bath placed in
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the former being in excess in the roseolar eruption, the latter in the
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He let it dry in the inflated condition, filled up the thoroughly dried lung
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In vaccinating children in leprous countries, great care should be
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In a search for a test of liver function various dyes were used. It
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were followed by what, we call neurasthenia ; but the physical
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as in a feeling of stiffness, of pain in deglutition, and of a tendency to
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sound to be broken up. Wavy breathing, when general, has no special
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There is also a series of fractures in which similar results are possible,
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ployment of such preparations by the physician entails not only unknown
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four segments ; the most anterior (the head) is small, and has four
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have been the fmall-pox, and the then ftate of the air, ibid.
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the tumour gradually merges into firm connective tissue, with processes
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Regarding the work in the sections, the general ]irinci|)le will
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the Iwelling all this time neither advancing nor rece-
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rise, is a sense of burning pain along the oesophagus, in the neck, behind
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of experiment the next step was to administer to the depancreatised
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Of the carbohydrate articles of diet, grape sugar causes the greatest sugar
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mach and intestines, and I ventured to jmint out that he had put
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there is special opportunity in the case of the negro.
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blood and deposited in the protoplasm of the tissue cells ; just as happens
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Such forms have almost exclusively been found in cultures of avian
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controlled by treatment. Indeed, it ceases without any definite medical
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by the wet nurse or by the bottle, in the child, in adult life, and in old age.
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fon holds the mare by a halter, and two others lead
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tables which show that cholesterin is soluble to the extent of 5 per cent,
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day, and that too in a better manner. It is univer-
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cases gave reactions varying from slight headache and backache to very
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The secondary growths in the liver may be so large as to obscure the
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Exercises which bring into action the muscles of respiration are very use-
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injury, the proximal end of the severed nerve had been sutured to
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may become the outstanding feature and some have been reported in
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Excessive vomiting and retching may also be treated by the hypo-
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In the control of pain at this stage chloroform and ether are contra-
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swallowed without pain, and in considerable bulk, should it be retained,
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