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passed into a proverb, that "worry kills more people than hard
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globulin ; and in organic albuminuria the serum albumin in the urine
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Council will agree with me, and will agree among themselves,
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tance of such a law. If we started out with the posi-
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nished, the finer and nearer perfection will be these gossamer
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tailing experience, one of two things must occur — cither the
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erative changes in the central and anterior gray matter.
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hrcre the mucous coat of the stomach is attacked and corroded ; this change
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Case XI. — Mrs. M. L. S., aged sixty-one. Yery feeble i»
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of common starch are boiled in an ounce of glycerine,
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that the rates on the basis of the geometrical estimate are higher, espe-
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The country methods of handling the disease were as fol-
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healed, as the action of a cicatrix, of adhesions, etc., might con-
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about the wet-nurse agency. They put their next babe
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on the arms and chest, where there was a slight branny desqua-
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triangular ligament in front and the levator ani on either
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myocardial ischemic injury following accute coronary
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two grades of lieutenant and captain, or thirty-two per cent each. The
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Autopsy. — All the ventricles were distended with serum. There was a hard
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It would seem, then, to be utterly illogical to state that the
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han pensions of ten pounds a year from Government, lived a few miles out
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15 *Practlcal Modification of the Phenylhydrazln Test tor Oly-
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the lids of the right eye at 1.42 p.m. No visible change
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operation of the filter is left to the individual caprice of the engineer
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If you are not a subscriber, send us $2.00 and receive the Journal
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491), "that the most gifted minds, when they are ill-
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face muscles show similar irregular movements. In a small
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reproduced more quickly and more severely than in the non-saccharin
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any discomfort, and passed well up to the root of the
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For the same reason the police fail to notice the minor vices of