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In August, 1042, shortly after the King had left London to raise his

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lutions of medical societies to the contrary not withstanding,

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aspect a little within the free edge, whence they may extend over the

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throat, a general hypertrophy of the fauces and pha-

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stomach, the patient throws up a glairy fluid of much tenacity,

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one-half inches ; laterally, two and one-half inches, and

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elements is by the electroscope, which, however, requires skill in

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it can be expected from every citizen that he under-

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history of trauma followed by the occurrence of a large indefinite

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(12) n^CTUyOiia -TTPii TOV ^ilUUVX - ^PliT^'lCt " £V (/H^Ttlli

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sented many points of remarkable interest. A few days before

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deafuess may supervene ; and very often croupy symptoms manifest them-

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by a timely operation. I believe that when the diagnosis is made in

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thought and said, I have heen laboriously engaged in severe scientific

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I do not mean to apply a general rule to every special

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of rheumatism — chorea, which ran a typical course for six

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ten degrees of difference in its heat in the two arms. Back of right

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and Surgical Joxirnal, reproduced in the last nunil>er

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the fact here, by reference to a supposed gradual and uniform accumu-

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is to be looked for. All communications not intended for publication

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and substitution, by dividing them all at once, cutting through

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entered a monastery. His services related mainly to phys-

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We know that medical men were characterized by the same lofty

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Vestry. Of two sent to the Hampstead Hospital, one had

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is to be made to increase the already excessive tax upon alcohol. Legisla-

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Wchnscbr. f. d. ges. Heilk., Berl., 1834, iii, 513-515.—

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man when on shore was erotic to a great degree, and that otherwise

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the basse-ville ; and, although it is possible that this deficiency

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he says, is enough to overcome the spasm of the small bronchi-

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nutrition by increasing the performance of the assimilative organs. Now

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and pulilished in al)stract in The ^'koicai. Record for

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shall follow Kruse's classification in giving briefly some of the exam-