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comparison of the results obtained by other practitioners. Dr. Bennett concludes : ^^ That

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GERONTOLOGY DESIRABLE — Alternative practice Models

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Boy, 6 years. One brother has scarlatina. Present illness began June 11, with vom-

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of the "in-and-out" variety and a lesion of this duration transcends

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1535, at the age of about fifty. His treatise on The

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the blood-vessels. I want to express my conviction of

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produces first an exalted action in them, owing to excess of

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aspirator, trocar, and bougie are only too sadly known.

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type. There is very little deviation from opium and cathartics,

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from the ascending colon toward the median line was

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in the removal of this kind of mental condition and in produc-

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of th»> luni;. The opposing surfact's of the pleura are wide-

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in from three to five grain doses, three times daily. In some cases the

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the diagnosis of cancer morally certain, though the patient may,

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rivalent vaccine (derived from capsular polysaccharides)

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selection of subject-matter and have presented it in clear and

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cillors of the Massachusetts Medical Society, it seems to have few friends in

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Bowels costive. Micturition difficult, painful, and frequent brine of pal.' colour,

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immersion of the body in cold water, I began a system of

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urethra, and illuminates an ar ea of the surface of its lining

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disease of the vascular walls that generally induces thrombosis. We

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seated in the bifurcation of the right carotid artery. The al-

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had occurred in recent years in the experience of members of the Section, for

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»i: . Kllis, than to divide the remainder between this Com-

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the left nipple, and two inches outwards from the ensiform

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Pursuing this determination, I grasped both feet, and brought them

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at first be thoroughly warmed and given a saline injection of 250 c.c.

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era, that it needs no prepared ground or special epidemic