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somewhat earlier, but still not till the specific symptoms were
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College has about one hundred and fifty pupils ; the
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alteration from a high state of leucocytosis without anaemia to that
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peripheral irritation, but increase the nutrition of the entire
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ent forms of apparatus may be enumerated that of the
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canal, upon and in conjunction with the cerebral nerves, were the
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"Warszawa. 1887, xv, 781; 797. — Kersclibauiner (Rosa).
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less than 1200 diameters), you will observe some very
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of the cords, which assume a semi-transparent, fiefhy,
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Dr. Kidd said he agreed ^^ith the President of the Section
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necessarily placed in the field the fence will be much safer than the
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as the discharge had become very offensive and there was con-
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produced in dogs by extirpation of the occipital lobe, and by destruction of
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nose, pharynx or ears. They are of course very dangerous injuries.
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* We do not read, in any voys^ges, that many cafes of deformity were
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this stage opium, with calomel or blue pill, has been
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painful on pressure, and sometimes spontaneously so in
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ers now carry on their practice with great if not perfect secrecy. The sale of
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roughness still accompanies the second beat of the heart ;
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recurred, although not with such severity as before.
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officers were elected for the ensuing year : President,
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In order to limit the occurrence of the disease it was desira-
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liver, its action is probably unfavorable ; but the doctrine so lonp ta
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lingual artery. Recovery. Subsequent return of the disease, with
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flfty t't'iit'mu'tiH's doi'|), was fi>d liy a littlo lnook. It was par-
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one by one they were disembedded. The edges of the wound
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Slyke [1911]. This method has the advantages of yielding approximately
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not inferior to digitalis, having moreover the advantages of
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1 Frederick the Great kept an aide-de-camp for this purj>ose, and, poor
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treatment, or insufficient and injudicious treatment.
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tubule, which shows no branching and which measures approximately 30 mm.
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From a careful consideration of the al)ove facts it does not appear