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tions, previous history of patient, and post-mortem observations.
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compressed and below this point the aortic sound is trans-
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without debris. Repeated experiments of this nature satis-
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a satisfactory tuberculin must be used, also an accurate thermometer
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clinical studies which can be at least reasonably asso-
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ame age. (Henke's ' Zeitschrift der S. A.' 1844, p. 249.) This is the earliest
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of cancer in the human being. Cultures of the fungus
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is enabled to afford every information respecting it. The
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thousand parts, but in general there is nothing that re-
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mel, in small doses, according to prescribed conditions, and
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swelling of the tonsils, frequently with an aphthous growth and
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long because medicine has had to wait for chemistry, and is still
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ficulty in swallowing. This passed off completely after a short
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23d, dessication almost complete by 27th. Eruption only on face and
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fat, contain within their laminae the papillae, the endings of the sensory
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This body, whatever its actual nature may be, is a most powerful oxidizing agent,
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The right shoulder was 1 inch lower than the left. The right clavicle, ^ inch lower than
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disregarded with fiery enthusiasm the necepsity of a practical proof,
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knock-knee Mr. Marsh tliinks that the tibia is more often at fault than is
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tion for shortening the sacro-uterine ligaments. Not
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" For the benefit of ' A Reader,' Marshall County, W.
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methods of manufacture ; and that the amount of zinc
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Bacteriology. — After Willems, Ziirn, Hallier, Weiss, Piitz,
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nose, pharynx or ears. They are of course very dangerous injuries.
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radial pulse is retarded equally on both sides, unless comjiression of the
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broken the question of precipitation has presented itself
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of an erythematous dose. One of my cases ture. According to a recent article in the
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intoxication, she was sent to the Westminster Hospital. It
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unrestricted; no change took place; the density of the urine being
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beard on the upper-lip is kept warm by its living connection with the body, and by
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living conditions, but the task of accom- established on a firm and lasting basis. Its