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authorized by law for each Volunteer regiment in the service. It has,

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as a precursor to nonseminomatous germ cell tumors.

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MM. Nillson, Steenstrup, Forchharamer, Thomsen, Worsiiae, and other

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Committee of Arrangements, which, he said, would refer

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Works, &c. Published Half-Yearly. Edited by W. H. Ranking, M. D.,

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or situation of laryngeal growths has thus some prognostic value,

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had paved the way for new conceptions of natural bodies and

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sented at the time of admission; yet this patient's life was prolonged for nine

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lasted until far into January. The air was almost perfectly

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Throat. — The London Lancet has the following to say in refer-

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The tubes inoculated with the heavy platinum wire developed, whereas most of

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The most perfect crisis, or resolution of inflammatory pains of any

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acute angle, and the contents of the syringe evacuated

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the lines of Adamkiewicz's view. The anatomical changes were quite

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developed an epithelioma, in exactly the same location which

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induced perhaps, in the first instance, either by a highly stimu-

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before the track was healed, as the only way of locating a missile which

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tensity. Not only does he assert that faradism possesses a markedly

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