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The 2^^^ceboic remedy was prescribed, and dry flannel to the affected joints.
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(Tor.) and M.D. (Vic). He started practice in Toronto, and
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ledge to the commentaries of his instructors. In his practice he employs but
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water. Quantitative analyses of the urine have shown the quantity of uric
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All of the forms of nasal obstruction thus far con-
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All of Dr. Senn's work is original and valuable, whether all
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tised medicine for fifty-five years. At the time of his
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and from present appearances we may hope the extirpa-
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2. Alum 2 dr., sulphate of zinc 1 scruple, water 1 pint. —
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servation of hams, arsenious acid being substituted for the starch of that mixture.
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The skin shows no characteristic features. Frequently it is dry and
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a large portion of the time. His hearing was less acute, and his
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trifling effusion of black blood. The substance of the brain was
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ajt. 64, was found dead in his bed twelve hours after he had gone to rest: |
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greater becomes the mutual compensation of such differences as those
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It was suggested by counsel that strangulation might have been produced
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Smuh, Spencer T., Ji.D., Senior Surgeon to the Hospital, Great
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same local applications maybe used for it as for tinea ; besides
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rigor. He had also severe pain in the left side of the chest, increased on inspiration.
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