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in mind that children do not bear morphine well, and it should be admin-

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istics and staining properties of the gonococcus are described in the

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In old horses the cartilage of incrustation is exceedingly thin,

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reduction and production of the condition, is usually followed with success."

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moments, in the study of a few of the little things "in the lying-in room.*'

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muscle and before the skin has become involved in the infiltration.

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long by 2.5 mm. in breadth, and possess the peculiarity of reproducing

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" Forty-eight hours after the puncture the dressing is to be removed so that

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the cervix of the uterus. All other tumours, although hard in

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"With blunt dissection with the fingers a large pocket should be

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sum of the foot. To inject an arm, we may select the subclavian ar-

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suddenly, animal showed reddening of the skin, refused to eat and appeared

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2. That scurvy is caused by a diminution in the alkalinity of the

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quences by the use of castor oil and other laxatives, but, nevertheless,

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rather than the physiologic effect of the cocain. These

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that Bichat was led by his passion for analysis, in direct

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that it was ever actually used for the purpose for which it was painted.

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Abraham, Mr. J., short notes on drugs and pharmaceutioal preparations of recent

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decision shall be final except - that-a county component

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Par., 1885, v, 985-1014. — Preston (G. J.) A report of

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tion, and the fine diagnostic acumen which have made Charcot re-

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was," he says, "pnblished for the first time, by Abulpharagius, about six

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to tempt the appetite : or, in any event, the sight, smell,

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