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membrane, which by the general pressure it exerts renders the organ
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being diminished by the displacement of their proper substance by fattjr
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muscular contraction than the roughest manipulation.
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The other variety, regarded by Lowit as the parasite
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absence of forced, prolonged intellectual labour, and the suppression
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protected against dampness. Further, the basement should be well
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So-called spontaneous rupture of the spleen is of in-
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streptococcus faecalis plasmid pADl: Organization of
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rather a part of the equipment of tlie general practitioner.
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ill the ileum, near tlie colon. In one of my own cases, the patient
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The discussion continued for awhile. Dr. J. R. Taylor, of
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or difficulty. In an infinite majority of cases, the domestic manage-
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this patient, notably that on the forehead, have become secondarily epithelio-
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to condense and become cartilaginous {enchondromatous myxoma), or
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gested for the relief of all neuroses of the larynx, bronchial as well as
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health which are permitted to be carried on in crowded locali-
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Court of Chancery Appeals of Tennessee holds, in the case of
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wound remains in perfect condition, likewise the skin of the abdomen
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ing apparent but a slight loss of weight. Whatever the visible
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on his back, while in spinal hyperoemia he is to lie
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Fig. 2. — Formation of precipitin in rabbits after injection of horse-serum.