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Dr. Samuel Henderson Mcllroy, born June 21, 1839, in Scot-
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ment, No. 827, of February 11, 1867, saying that in the
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quent, precise, and trustworthy intimations are con-
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milky as compared with normal clear blood-serum. A few
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If there is much pain. Bromide of Potash or Ammonia may be
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was to be ascribed to the aseptic character of the bullet
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Induration of the skin is observed in scleroderma. In this
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and the very large contingent who are not treated at all, or
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facility— Discordance with nurses’ preferences. J Am Geriatr Soc 1985;
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extending half an inch beyond the left nipple, and the cardiac
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tion or otherwise. This section quotes such cases as the one
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able, as almost to drive the man frantic before relief could be obtain-
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the descriptions which I had read of this remarkable
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CAUTIONS. Drug Interactions.) If possible, the dose ot the diuretic should be reduced, which may diminish the likelihood
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intense, the blood sinuses may be almost obliterated. There is usually an
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