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modes of production of this condition, and showed how
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upon the problem. The result is not unimportant, and yet it increases
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dissenting opinion in the Botsford case (141 U. P., 250), in the trite say-
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sary or even favoiirable to the admininstration of justice.
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he soluble albuminoids produced by the carcinoma (autolysis). The micro-
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conveyed cancer by inoculation with the cancer-cell.
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able, but it involved the performance of an operation
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I knew Bruce before he was "the boss" and always found
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irregular in shape and hue; gray, brownish, green, olive, yellow, red-
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collapse by virtue of their own elasticity, and the two layers
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going on. The birth of the child was followed by a bath of cold
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nerves — the so-called meningo-myelocele, but not a true meningocele.
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the larj^e fontanelle to the left cotyloid region ; the long axis of the head is
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urethra, and illuminates an ar ea of the surface of its lining
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The cases mentioned as dying of anemia had "progressive" anemia,
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healthy one, I think the conjunctiva is irritated by such
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the cellular tissue of the body, that they are unable to
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I have purposely omitted the pathological classification
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Professor Koch against bacteriologists in general, and
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5. Chronic changes. Four cases showed atrophy of the tubules
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(indeed, it is often far more profuse in a simple bronchial catarrh), and
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30. Granville P. Smith, of Tennessee; on the Qualifications of the