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Its frequence is difficult to estimate and it is probably more common than
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similarity which exists between the clinical phenomena at the crisis and those
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quency of pericarditis but the number of cases upon which he based his
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Bacterial intoxication, however, may occur in the absence of infection,
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ence are comparatively rare on the mortality records of our
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lungs. Furthermore, we know the difficulty of diagnosing-
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rhagic change, the spots usually disappear by the second or third day, and if
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junctiva of new-born children. General infections probably do not occur
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a widespread eruption appears on the body, with the anatomical and in-
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are preferable to metallic because more easily sterilized and because trans-
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opened in 1895. The effect on the morbidity ratio and mortality ratio of
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described an enanthem, but this may be regarded as a complicating stoma-
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Allowing that bad cases may continue to relapse almost in-
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during convalescence from the primary attack without any aggravation of
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tudes, etc., will at times produce albumin in the urine,
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ity of women after the removal of ovarian or uterine tumors, it
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monstrable tissue changes occur at the site of inoculation, all symptoms
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After the crisis they may rise again to normal within a few days or remain
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is of the polynuclear tj'pe and ranges from 20,000 to 55,000 to the cmm.
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condition of the kidney is frequently met with in necropsies upon mitral
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About their previous medical attendance, that it is impossible
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find that the mortality by amounts is JQ per cent, in excess of
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ally it is accompanied by cutaneous hyperresthesia. Besides the actual pain,
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tinction from typhoid fever. In France, where there was little or no typhus
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monia and tuberculosis have been encountered elsewhere as follows :
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through the vessel wall, but indirect as a result of an involvement of the
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Treatment. — General. — Attention should be given to the hygienic
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the smallpox eruption is not. The measles eruption may be seen on the
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lar casts were found, there was albumin in 125. " Munn, " Of
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find a successor — his conquests, like Alexander's,
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large as a walnut and rarely the size of a small hen's e^g. Areas of necro-
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transient local manifestations may follow infection with influenza bacilli;
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case of typhoid fever this year, and the same next year, what a decrease
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the emaciation now becomes noticeable, the weakness is more marked and
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Millard reports having made a large number of examinations
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years prior to his death he was the most eminent physician
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observed. Severe uterine hemorrhage, especially at a period, is common,