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Treatment. — This is largely hygienic — a fact that must be strongly
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But after the occurrence of dilatation., following indurated myocarditis,
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which consists in adding liquor potassae, boiling the urine, and observ-
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By inhalation ; (c) By a carcinomatous perforation of the esophagus into
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for acute or chronic nephritis in the absence of pitting, etc.. as some have
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in the blood-development of embryonic life. The gigantohlasts are
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chloric acid, or a bitter form of peptones. These symptoms are usually
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combating the pain, and often obviates the necessity of an internal use
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omentum, mesentery, and sometimes in the abdominal fat. H. U. Wil-
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his preface speaks as follows: "It can be said that quinin is an exceed-
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liar to the new-born, in which miliary gummata first occur, followed by
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Bacteriology. — Dor claims to have succeeded in finding a definite
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be darker red than the cortex and coarsely fibrous in appearance. Micro-
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Very few recognize the importance of rest in chronic parenchymatous
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the conjugate vera was less than 6 cm. The pelvis was not only
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larly if the early history can be obtained. In cerebral syphilis the tremor
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tinued use of meal made from contaminated grains grown on virgin soil.
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(HCl being usually absent), and on standing separates into three layers
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It is not enough that the ovum, as shown by Boweri, has pro-
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temperature becomes subnormal and the j^ulse feeble and rapid. The
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sence of causative influences. In these instances there is probably a
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abdominal distention, and rapid pulse usually indicates suppuration, and
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For a closer examination we make a broth by mixing a small
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suffices to accomplish this end ; if not, salines, Rochelle or Carlsbad
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the druggist, met opposition from all schools of medicine, and would-,
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or from syphilitic or other forms of meningitis. Paralysis of the muscle
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lesion, w^hich may consist of a hemorrhage, tumor, abscess, softening, or
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border may be much exaggerated. White patches of perisplenitis and
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covering that the virus of the disease could be obtained in a pure state
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After the patient has reached the point of marked improvement, as evi-
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have to keep a string upon the patient or upon the pessary. I
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supporting the head of the latter against his body, and the cricoid is then
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abdomen often shows the presence of doughy-like fecal tumors at the
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the lower extremities, simultaneously or successively involved. The on-
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of the serous coat of the boAvel may occur, inducing peritonitis. Peri-
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and either remissions, or one or more intermissions occur, and in some
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most convenient, and its passage is to be effected in the same way as in
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months after the treatment was begun the patient appeared to be Avell
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Although myomata are present early in life, they seldom have
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lism in these cases. Emboli may also become detached from cardiac