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death-rates in Birkenhead, Plymouth, Blackburn. Liverpool, Leicester,

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simply to dislocation of the heart, or to retraction of the Ixmg. Aneu-

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Likewise, Dr. H. Batty Shaw, Physician to the University College

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ij.-uncil, nanipiy, IV' fessor Obiene, Pr. J. SIraclian, D^llr,

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the kidney, aucl tlie arteriometer applied to the bared femoral artery

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final element in us of nitrogenous metaboUsm. But, if so, it is diflS-

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debt of obligation. As Honorary Secretary of the Society he

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perceptible. The abdomen becomes tender, the tenderness being

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typhoid is apparently purely mechanical from the foot-drop induced

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Sir Walter Fostek then moved, and Dr. Bruce seconded,

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losis, either destroying the gland or implicating the adjoining tissues,

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ceding three weeks; no new eases were admitted during the week,

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Dr. Abbe used the radium at intervals of seven days. The result

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tion, not attended by fever and chronic pneumonia. Asthma

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which falls in the forest, nor the body of a beast dying in the field

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Royal College of Physicians of London, .■> p.m.— Dr. D. J. Leech :

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act of inspiration is completed ; but if the glottis be stenosed

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by the Legislature to the Pharmaceutical Society is being so well acted

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the Clerk, Health Committee, Council House, Birmingham, by Juno

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than coug-'stion The appearances of the affected bones are closely

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state of Idaho the same disease causes only 2 per cent, of deaths. It

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is secreted from its walls, much as if it were a closed cyst, and, on draw-

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Eustachian tube, leading to abscess of the middle ear with all its

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surgeon dentist, aged 40, and found him lying full length on

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cases, a free use of the salicylates (15 or 20 gr.) four or five times a day.

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XiWLUuei c^— TiK D^~S]DS3. a: mrrra' simnsH' is not to be niisvc

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— Y'es. I can well see that many employers when accidents

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temperament. One young man passed 1750 gr. of urea in a day. He

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entrance iato the body, it is important to know how they leave the

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small quantities. The contrasts in the history of the patients is greater

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palms of the hands and soles of the feet usually escape also. The

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desire that the medical treatment they secure should be per-

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the characteristics of spreading erysipelas. The fever and constitu-

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Mills, R. Reck, and N. Salmond, apology being made for

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are large, but, like the bones of the forearm, have lost their normal sharp-

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As a part of their spectacular tendency some hysteric patients are

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tant relations to the nutrition of the body, shown in the hypertrophy of

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tion of a United Kingdom Police Surgeons' Association, and

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were conducted in the following way. He abstracted a certain

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sick tiards ." So far as we are aware this article has never been repealed

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bronchioles may be one of the chief causes of death, due largely to suf-

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strychnin, sodiimi iodid, and my tonic prescription of iron and car-

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dema Committee. He wrote several articles, chiefly on

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any comment on it and without any request for serious atten-

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ing still kept on, oozing from the sides of a clot which had

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action of muscarine was almost completely antagonised by

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o'clock in the afternoon, if not to postpone it altogether until after

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