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diagnosis can not be made, an x-ray examination should be made,

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pounds have been found in one of these sacs. At last the capsule becomes

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' FYiediicirs ingenious theory is that, (he vaso-motor nerves being paralyzed, dilatation of the coro-

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from venous thrombi usually induce pulmonary infarction; emboli from

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cases no membrane exists ; the bronchial membrane is pale and congested.

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position of the spinous processes. Y\ T hile the ribs are greatly projected

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and antispasmodics, the most efficient of which are belladonna, hydrocyanic

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Etiology. — The two most common causes of this form of kidney degenera-

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monary structures. Syphilitic fibroid infiltration originating about the

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tissues. The area is a rose-red, which in the majority of cases after a

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their normal quantity of blood, and the stroma is infiltrated with serum.

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by an opaque, purulent expectoration, in which Tubercle Baciiii from phthi.icai

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is general coldness over the entire surface at the very commencement of

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rounding inflammation, and extend outward. If there is extensive con-

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plete obliteration of tlie muscle fibres by fat . ", i iju An

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nasal and inferior maxillary bones are the most affected. Prognathism

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elastic. In the former case it is easy, in the latter very diflBcult of recog-

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ferentiated from hypertrophy of its coats, by the glistening, pearly look

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Including Hutches, Breeding. Feeding, Diseases and their Treatment, Babbit

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retain their vitality, and neither suppurative nor necrotic changes occur, but

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pneumonia is generally at the upper portion of the lung. Pleurisy

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cedcma along the line of the tibia and over the internal malleolus, and the

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» It is still a disputed question whether the bronchial or pulmonary vessels are the chief source of the

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Quebracho has proved efficacious in a few instances. Eecently grindelia

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skin, to make the puncture more easy. An instrument similar to

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believes that constriction of the pulmonary artery may occur at various

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and the patient seems to be sinking, the trachea must be opened and arti-

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nose. In young children there may be snuffling, choking, coughing and

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monia, or after injuries and perforating wounds of the lung.

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Pulmonary congestion, infarction and cedema occur. Life is rarely pro-

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in the large intestine and are met with more frequently after fifty years of

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characteristic of the urine in this form of nephritis that albumen is

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less completely filled with pus and serum, containing swollen and granular

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would were it a local disease {e.g., bronchitis). "Wet and cold increase a

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the heart's action will not be disturbed. In that form termed atrophic

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