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of diseases thus becomes a natural result of their treatment. The

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pressure, and morphine was given, from time to time, to alleviate

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for its causes on relations of the general venous system and general internal

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To dispose of this objection rationally, it must be considered

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but the later experiments of Dr. Wilde fail to confirm its

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think the subject worthy of investigation, and I hope to have

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lated appearance ; at the pylorus there was a hard, rounded mass,

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utterly inadequate to the demands of the profession, the age and the

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4th. In the treatment of chronic enlargement of the tonsil, the

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pect that physiology was to be reviewed in its entirety, and rewritten

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dependent upon the extension of the irritation, by contiguous sympathy from

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digestion, and also in the blood and tissues by the metabolism

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Macomb, J. P. Wilson of Oakland, A. R. Stone of Lapeer, and 0. B. Reed

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are originally formed within the cell, like the antherozoids

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entire canal is implicated ; or cases in which a green, blue, black,

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both community and profession are deeply interested. The same

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more extended use of local anaesthesia suggests further modifica-

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If there was not a greater analogy between our reasoning

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cognomen. To say the least, it is an improvement on all former articles

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surfaces, which have been made known to us, by Dr. Hardy of

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prehensive report, by their chairman, Dr. Fishback, of Shelbyville.

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produced, although we were confident that the thumb would not be as

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to me by Dr. Eeeves, of this city, who gave to a man with chronic-

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that the real objection to publishing the paper in the Peninsular at that

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sternum, and partly free, lies in contact with the liver and trans-

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The skin of the anterior surface of the leg was diseased, from the

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Since that, I have treated several other cases with similar re-

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sional requisition. He should be encouraged. The quack specialist

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est in the success of the Society, and from this we anticipate a better

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Volume V. of its Transactions, in the following terms :

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and long and loud expiration. More or less crepitus throughout right front.

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In Obstetric practice, although it has been prescribed very free-

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it seems that iron exercises a very important function in the

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To the political economist, these are inquiries of much interest, as they are

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it for our present purpose to say that to this cause is to be at-

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elimination of iron in the economy. {Archiv. fur experimentelle